Weekly Art Classes

I am teaching my last Friday art classes this week….we have the summer off!

 Last Friday my students were finding out how the colour of their board or paper can influence the finished work. As they had only three hours, the subjects were very simple……..working on both a blue and an orange ground at the same time. Once they placed the darks on the first sheet…they then placed the same darks on the next one. They continued in this manner, with the midtones and finally the lights. I feel many things were learned, not just how different the same colour paint looks on a warm surface from how it looks on the cool surface. I am always telling them about the decisions that have to be made before you paint a single stroke….the format, the design, what to leave out etc. By doing and seeing , they were amazed how different the final pieces were, purely down to the ground colour

I used a warm ground was for the tulip 

I used a cool ground for the cup and orange still life

I have a workshop coming up in the summer, all about Colour Mixing, limited palette, coloured grounds, go to my website for more details http://www.margaretsmilligan.co.uk/slideshow.html


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