Do You Know What It Is Yet?

I teach weekly classes in my studio, this week, for half of the students, it was self portrait week. No , I didn’t pinch the idea from the BBCs Sunday night art show….it was preplanned.

This first photo shows my demo….at the very beginning, showing me picking out the large shapes on my face . Everyone was worried about trying to paint themselves wearing glasses….I find that wearing them is a great advantage!

You have a ready made little frame , two actually! Within your spectacle’s frame, you are able to see the little blocks of colours and tones, they help to break up the mass of your face.

We used the Zorn Palette, there were oohs and aahs of amazement at the fantastic array of colours and tones we were able to mix, using only two tube colours (marked with X), plus Ivory Black and Titanium White

I have places available in Portrait One Day Workshop and my Two Day Life Drawing and Painting Workshop, more details and booking via my website


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